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Future of business
for commercial mobility
We believe in a driver-aimed fleet management approach, that changes experience of drivers and focuses them on efficient use of resources
to OONE Fleet
Our solution helps you manage your drivers, control routes and communicate with them in real time.
We take care of the safety of your loads and drivers, and help you reduce costs and optimize your routes.
Our driver incentive system will help you build an effective team, and our preventive vehicle diagnostics will save you time and money.
Increase profits while reducing costs on fuel
Save money and increase profits with our cutting-edge fuel management system.
Increase driver and shipment safety
Protect your most valuable asset with our advanced driver safety features.
Motivate drivers with rewards
Instant profit principle - drivers can see results of their actions and get profits instantly.
Access to fleet management system
Get complete control over your fleet with our comprehensive management system.
Route optimization
Our product allows you to optimize transport routes, reducing travel time and fuel costs, which increases business efficiency and improves customer service.
Using our platform, drivers can optimize the costs of their trips and increase their and your earnings!
Drivers motivation system
Our rewards program motivates your drivers to improve their performance and drive more efficiently.
Remote control on drivers
Know where your drivers are at all times and track their performance.
Instant communication with the driver
Our communication system ensures that you are always in contact with your drivers.
Shipment remote control
Monitor shipments and adjust routes in real-time to optimize your delivery times.
End-to-End process optimization
Our platform streamlines your fleet's operations from start to finish, saving you time and money.
Predictive fleet diagnostics
Our advanced analytics and predictive diagnostics allow you to identify potential issues before they become problems, reducing downtime and repair costs.


You save ~ 250.00 liters of fuel
Per one driver
Cut emissions
with eco-friendly solutions
At OONE Fleet, we are committed to helping you meet all sustainability and ecological requirements from the government. Our platform enables you to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your environmental impact.
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